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I will crack down on anyone who doesn't respect anyone.'s rules are simply no bigotry of any kind, no bad content of any kind (pedophilia, zoophilia, etc), and to respect one another. I won't hesitate when it comes to bans if they conflict with the interest of the instance and the rules.

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Hey! Welcome aboard to! So I literally am learning but I wanted a cool instance and thought I'd obtain this good domain. I will be updating things when I'm off work but if you have any questions, please DM me.

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I promise I'll clean this instance up and figure out everything

Dear all Pepsi.Zone users! It has been 2 months but I have not done anything with the Zone and I'll have to Actually Do Things soon to make it spiffy and clean

real talk i need to clean up everything about the pepsi zone but i haven't had the spoons or energy

Otters broke, meanwhile, has no otters therefore cannot be broken

people can join here if they want but if it's just me it's just pointless since i perfer snouts

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I'm giving this instance a month then it's gonna die

i forgot snouts went offline and wondered why it wasn't loading

im probably gonna end this instance.
I'll keep the domain but i have no reason to run it if I'm not even using kt

i know i need to block instances too but god if i know how to do that

i should actually admin this account but being on snouts online is better because i'm fucking babey who knows nothing about administrating

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