I'm giving this instance a month then it's gonna die

tbh if you make enough muns on your own to host it without needing outside help, it could stay up for as long as you want it to

@frinkeldoodle it's literally a quiet instance but I dont even use it lol

Ah. :P Myself, I could probably count the number of people who are active on my instance with one paw, but I've also got it running on a virtual machine in a server i've got colocated somewhere, so chances are high it's gonna be up for quite a while unless if literally all hell breaks loose

well, it just started though, right? :P
I find it's not really the easiest advertising an instance (although maybe that's just because i'm me and i hate advertising stuff), but if you spread the word around and you put some TLC into it you might get some more people to join

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